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    Our Approach

    Our programs are anchored on four key areas to prepare high school students for life after secondary school and success in their careers.
  • Majiji

    Who do We Work With

    We work with High School students in rural Kenya. Our work is structured around the community, including assigned teachers in the school for the project, the parents, and alumnus working in different sectors in Kenya.

    About Us

    Majiji’s vision is to prepare high school students to transition into the workforce and community leadership, where they actively engage in economic, political, and social issues in Kenya.

    The Organization has developed a structured mentorship curriculum implemented in July 2016 at King’atua Secondary School in Kinari, Kenya. The school acts as a pilot school with the goal of replicating the program in different rural high schools in Kenya.

    Vision and Goal

    Enable rural economic growth through youth leadership in providing solutions that support their communities and protect the planet.


    Our mission is to Mentor and train youth in rural Kenya by providing resources and support, empowering them to realize their full potential and contribute to the sustainable development of their communities.


    Empowering communities through compassion and collaboration, our charity envisions a world where every individual’s potential is nurtured and uplifted.

    Core values

    Social justice, diversity, fun, and integrity are key values that guide us in our unwavering commitment to fostering inclusive and impactful change within our community through compassionate charitable efforts.

    Make A Difference All Year Long

    Your monthly gift will provide animals, tools and training throughout the year to help families around the world transform their lives.

    Why do we do this

    There is a significant untapped talent in rural Kenya. Some of the Challenges that are facing the students are mainly due to poverty and/or lack of basic resources to be able to develop and perform at optimum capacity.

    Like all other communities, the rural communities in Kenya are challenged by substance abuse among youth at a very early age, with little or no access to information for parents and the youth to address the challenge.

    For a long time, high school students studying and living in the rural parts of Kenya have not been exposed to the wealth of information and training in making informed career choices and working towards them. In the ever-competitive job market, such students, despite their academic prowess, are unable to compete at equal standing with their peers from more urban settings. Sometimes the opportunities never get to the grassroots level, and students live their entire lives in the village oblivious to their great potential.

    We at Majiji believe that every student, regardless of their background, has a great amount of potential. Through our programs, we aim to ensure that the students in rural Kenya are afforded the same access to critical knowledge and life skills that will help ensure a healthy life for themselves and the communities they are in.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    We offer a wide range of educational programs designed to cater to diverse interests and learning needs. We provide formal academic courses spanning various disciplines, including arts, sciences, technology, and humanities. Additionally, we offer vocational training, skill development workshops, and adult education programs to equip learners with practical skills for employment and personal enrichment.

    We are committed to addressing educational disparities by actively engaging with underserved communities. Through partnerships, outreach programs, and scholarships, we ensure that individuals facing financial, social, or geographical challenges have equal access to education.